Monday, December 7, 2009

oh boy!

the first day of 5th grade a girl walked into the class wearing a red gingham jumper dress and gray nike's. as soon as she sat down i walked over and asked why in the world she had on a dress with nike's. she told me her mom said she could pick her shoes OR her dress and she picked the shoes. her name was kirsten.

this is kirsten.

we've been best of friends since that very year 20 years ago. and today she is having her first child. a boy named max. i can hardly wait to get georgia dropped off at school so that i can be at the hospital. i am so excited about max being here so that i can fully enjoy holding a newborn that i love dearly. i couldn't fully enjoy my own at the time {thanks to hormones & morphine} so these next days i am going to take every chance i get to hold that sweet boy and whipser in his little ear how excited i am that he is here.

just last week i met kirsten to get some last minute pictures before max made his arrival and they turned out so great. but she has the whole pregnancy glow thing going so it was quite easy.

the only not-so-easy part was that my 'help' felt the need to pose like kirsten in all shots. she is pro at the whole photography thing so i guess she figured demonstration was needed at all times.

for every shot of kirsten herself, there is a picture of georgia too. boy she's a good helper i tell ya.

so i gotta run...i got a brand new baby on the way that i need to smell. although mine that smells like butter flavored syrup at the moment is pretty irresistable too :)

welcome to the world baby max......i love love love you {and your mama & daddy too}


Chief and Cissy said...

That sweet Georgia needed to teach Kirsten how to handle a little one. She was doing such a good job!!

Love to Georgia and Max
(and their Momma's and Daddy's)

Meredith Davis said...