Wednesday, December 16, 2009

shame on me...

i know i know...georgia's not happy about my lack of posting either.


she was lettin' me have it. obviously december didn't get november's message because it's moving along even faster. it's been lots of fun thus far though i must say. maybe too much fun because i haven't had time to blog about it. it's just that i usually blog when she's taking a nap or at night and lately there has been way too many projects & parties keeping me away from you guys. so forgive me. and be warned that it will probably continue till the new year. we'll still be friends though right?

if not i'll send miss highwater pants above to get you. and can i add that she's only 18 months and those pants are a 2T and well you can see for yourself how short they are. poor girl. we better get her some basket/volleyball training and fast!

so as much as i'd love to spend the whole hour she's napping catching you up on the last days, i gotta make this quick. got a few more christmas cards to get out and it would be nice to brush my teeth today before suppertime.

winn came over the other day and they ate an obscene amount of cheese balls. as have i. why did i think it was okay to buy this container of cheese balls? does any body really need this many cheese balls? anyway, winn winn and jojo loved them. {and fought over them}

and we got to see max again this week. and georgia again felt the need to show max how to lay down...sit up...etc. i mean if you need a 'helper' around, she's your girl. just know that i use the word helper loosely. very loosely.

and we've colored. on our paper. on our toys. on my walls. and in our mouth. but it's all good because we've both lived to tell about it.

and this picture isn't staged. she wanted to watch her 'moosie' so i put her on the couch and ran to get her a change of clothes. my hat & blanket were laying there and when i walked back into the room she was under the blanket with my hat on. pretty good huh.

and she had a date night with her aunt kristie & aunt ginger. they went to build-a-bear and i'm not sure who had more fun??? i had my camera on the wrong settings and unfortunately all the pictures turned out blurry from that night but they had fun.

and sarah avery came to play and we had meltdowns and time-outs {from my child} about taking turns on the slide.

which is an outdoor slide turned indoor slide but if you had any idea the climber i had on my hands you'd do the same. better a huge slide in the middle of our den than my toddler on top of my buffet.

and this sweet girl spent the afternoon with us too. it's my niece walker.

she used paint pens to paint her nails and toes which i am sure her mother is super duper trilled about.

we tried to get as close to christmas colors as possible so we're good right?????

and if you are still reading lucky for you because i saved the best for last. lot of my time these last days was spent making this yummy stuff i saw here....

dozens and dozens i've made of this butter and it still is every bit as good as the first time i tried it. if you don't ever try anything i've ever suggested or shown here, try this. seriously, it is divine. on biscuits. toast. english muffins. be warned though. it's that good. here's the recipe:

2 sticks salted butter {room temp}
1 cup honey
1 cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon

that's it. blend together and scoop into 4 oz. canning jars. i'll even email you the word document for the tags i made if you'd like.

okay i'm done. love you. be back soon but not saying how soon. you'll be back too right????


Julie Cottrell Photography said...

ooh, will you email me the tag template please? thats a great little gift ill have to remember. i LOVE the picture of georgia on the couch... priceless.

Teresa James said...

I have missed you and your blog. Amber and I check it every morning when we get to work to see what yall have been up to. We love the blog!!! Haley asks me all the time if you have posted. A friend sent me the recipe to the butter and I made some and some homemade sourdough bread and put it on it when it was hot, well all I can say is that must be what heaven tastes like. It was good!! Send me your label if you have a chance. I hope that yall have a very Merry Christmas!!! We love yall.

Cindy said...

THANK YOU for the long post! You are forgiven. Love to all three of you!

DeDeandMatt said...

you are not kidding. Absolutely delicious. And now I am making some. Thanks for your help!

nagold said...

I told Harold that I was going to pack away your gift and take to to Florida to share with my family. Ha ha ha!!! This morning, in the absence of anything else to put on my super-healthy multi-grain toast (which I often eat dry) I cracked open the cinnamon butter. Heaven in a jar!!! Unfortunately, there will be *no* sharing. Delicious--thank you.

Kirsten McCorkle said...

Sweet Jojo... thank you for coming to take pictures. We love you...

Kelly said...

This post is the exact reason why I wish you lived in Auburn still! I always pretend I am living with you in your blog because I can just hear all the things going on at your house so clearly! I have missed hearing about your daily/weekly happenings, so do not forget to keep us updated! I hope you guys are having a good week and have a Merry Christmas! I am sure I will talk to you! Okay and can you send me some of that butter stuff via your mom cause you know I do not cook but that stuff sounds amazing! I may have to break out some dishes and mess up my kitchen for that! I could always go to my moms! Haha! XOXO!