Monday, January 4, 2010


first of, it's cold out. what a way to bring in the new year. it feels like january and i am loving it. i am typically not a cold weather girl, but it has been nice feeling the cold air on face. nothing like 23 degrees to make you feel alive right? so i welcome the new year with excitement...freezing temps and all. i'm extra excited about this new year of ours. i don't really make new year 'resolutions' but it is always a good time to think about all the things you can/will/want to accomplish this year. there are things i would like to do better and others things i need not do at all this year. i need resolutions to do and to not-do. funny how that works. i was just reading a book last night called 'The Jesus Habits' and it was talking about some of the habits he had as a man. i hope this year i can replace some of my bad habits with Jesus habits. there are 31 one of them {Jesus habits that is...not my bad bad habits are like 31,000...anyway} even if i just managed to replace one of them then i could count the year a success. so i'll try for that. we'll see how it went january 2011.

and while i assume you too are looking forward to all the 'new' things this new year brings i hope you look too at the new mercies that being a child of God brings. we need not a january 1st to have hope. or newness. or a clean slate. those new mercies come each morning. so whatever this year brings you, i am praying today that his 'new mercies' will find a place in your heart.

stay warm my friends. inside and out. enjoy the promise from lamentations...

"The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning..."


DR said...

Love you! Sweet pic of G. Revel and I have started a photoblog: Swing in from time to time! Interesting book. I'm reading the happiness project. Sure would love to spend some time w you! Hugs-D

Stephe said...