Monday, February 1, 2010

calling in backup

the last few days have been. um. interesting.

bought a huge pack of pork chops and forgot they were in the fridge. ugh.
my most favorite candle got broken. like most favorite ever.
had baby girl sleeping on my chest at night 'cuz she's so congested
my car is making a weird noise when in reverse
oh and i lost my job last week

so i called in wonder woman for backup. surely her and her ziplock of q-tips are equipped to make it better right? i thought so too.

seriously, he gives and takes away. i'm okay with that. one door closes, another opens. this i know. at least georgia and i will get a little more time together each week and that is always a blessing. always.

even more seriously, i'm kinda hoping that part of the giving involves another rosemary candle one day.


Ford Family said...

praying for you..enjoy your days home with georgia! =)

Carolina Heaths said...

When God closes a door...he opens a window... It will all work out for you! We are praying for you and your family!