Thursday, February 11, 2010

Updated with Winner:: in the mood

congratulations christina! you won the adorable cupcake liners. i'll be in touch to get your address and get them to you. thanks to the rest of you that entered. it's fun to see new people here. hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

extra good love from bham today....


unless you live under a rock, i imagine you are in the mood for v-day as well. not that you have to have a special valentine or a special pint sized valentine or even like valentines candy, but surely you can appreciate the flood of pink and red around us. i in fact love it and this week georgia and i have checked off our v-day list one by one. there's a little something for everyone. you included so stay with me here...

our valentines cards and signed, sealed and on their way to being delivered. my pint sized valentine was NOT in the mood for pictures so the golden afro/in-my-jammies/with-breakfast-on-my-face-picture was as good as it was going to get. which still is pretty good i must say.

her vday shirt is finished and ready for school tomorrow. i used this new iron-on fusible backing that promises to stick after washing but i'm not holding my breath. i got the t-shirt from target for 1.50 so if it doesn't i won't be devastated.

treats for her school friends are ready to go and have been put far away from you-know-who's sight. she will NOT be getting a chocolate covered rice krispie treat this year. and as i type this i am kinda feeling bad about handing these out after the night we had last week. maybe i should put a warning label on them like they do on medicine bottles.

:may cause dizziness. alertness. silliness. and all other kind of 'ness' EXCEPT for tiredness :

i even gathered all the pink and red markers/crayons in our house and gave her a fresh stack of paper so she'd be able to create all the love notes her heart desires.

and lastly,

for your hearts desire {or maybe not, but if not, you're so silly} a very sweet giveaway...

a set of 50 paper baking cups in pink/white polka dots as shown. i ordered a set of these a few weeks ago from bake it pretty and oh my goodness. they. are. precious. in fact there isn't much on that site that isn't. so i decided to give away my set to one of you...just leave a comment telling me what kind of cupcakes you'd bake in these adorable cups and I'll choose a random winner on Sunday night.

i hope you have a very sweet weekend. and should you not be feeling the love from a person here on earth, can i offer to you a valentine who be your forever love...even from who knows how many miles away, the love of Jesus will never fail. never disappoint. and always, always be special.

"We love, because He first loved us"...1 John 4:19


Christina Dann said...

First, I just found your blog and it is adorable. Almost as adorable as your sweet little Georgia. What a cutie pie!

Second, those baking cups... I die! Adorable, they'd be perfect for my next batch of devil's food cupcakes with champagne frosting. Super, super adorable :)

Sarah said...

Eeek - those Georgia's valentine's are too cute! The cupcake liners are cute too...

and I'm thinking an almond/vanilla flavored cupcake with yummy milk chocolate frosting. :)

Love your blog!


Dana from Alabama said...

Those cupcake cups are so cute! I'd probably make some using the Funfetti cake mix I have lying around (plus Funfetti icing!). The valentine cards with Georgia are adorable! I wish I was as creative/talented at crafty stuff.

Dana (from the library)

Jessica said...

These are way cute....I would put banana nut muffins in them!! I just stumbled upon your blog and we have a connection....I have Georgia too! I am actually the one you called about the clothes. What a small world!! Georgia is a doll and so are the Valentines!!

Amanda said... our house, its all about the icing and sprinkles! It doesn't really matter the flavor of cupcakes, as long as there is buttercream icing and lots of sprinkles!

Love the blog, by the way...

Christina Dann said...

Yay! I can't wait :)