Saturday, April 10, 2010

been trying...

finding time to post these last days has been challenging. between the sun, the rain, bubbles, friends and potty training we've been a little covered up lately. i mean that figuratively and well. literally...

{ covered in rain }
{ covered in pollen }
{ covered in mud }

{ covered in bubble juice }

{ covered in toilet water }

doesn't all this make you super anxious to come visit???? thought so. just be warned if you do that from sun up to sun down there will be a little 30lb person with super curly hair standing at the door begging to take her outside. regardless of the weather conditions or pollen count.
and that little person is 22 months old today. 22 months. as in almost 2 years old. as in boy time flies.


DeDeandMatt said...

such fun times! These next few months are going to be so fun

DeAnn said...

...and now you really can know that while some days may be long, the years are short!LY ~D