Monday, April 26, 2010

my plight and my pleasure

every single morning when we get ready for our day i sit georgia in front of me and attempt to tame her hair. it takes a towel. a water bottle. a wide tooth comb and some leave-in conditioner. and she has come to expect AND resent the process. which makes a hard task even harder. so lately i've just been real honest with her explaining that this will have to happen every single day of her life. it's just the nature of her hair. the perfect and beautiful nature of her hair. well. perfect and beautiful after the process. and a big ole' nappy mess beforehand. so until yesterday i considered this 5 minute ordeal each morning a plight. until yesterday.

as i was getting her ready for church yesterday morning the Lord stared to reveal some very similar comparisons between his relationship with me and my relationship with her hair. i am the hair. his word is the conditioner. he is the comb. daily is the process. i began to see that each morning i desperately need his word to saturate my knots. to loosen the nap. to expose the mess. and as i gently let his word cover me then begins the process of the comb. it is only through me allowing his word to find it's place with me that he can begin to work through the scriptures to change me into something beautiful and perfect. not worldly perfect. his perfect. this is where it starts getting uncomfortable. the combing part hurts. georgia {and me} hates this part. squirming and fussing and carrying on. and in the midst of it all i keep reminding her that we're almost through. almost through sweet girl. until tomorrow i say. then it starts again.

i am so thankful that regardless of all my fussing { and boy i know how to fuss } he still tames the knots. i am his child and just as i don't want my own child out there looking a mess, his desire is the same. even more so. and for better reasons than mine. and it will remind me to pray each day that he be patient with me as i fuss because i want to be made beautiful as well. and he will. and in turn, i will.

so from now on i will look at that head of curly hair and think tender thoughts of the process it takes to make it and me beautiful. and hope that one day i can be a pleasure to him as well.


Cindy said...

Oh but you already are a pleasure in His sight!


DeAnn said...

i love you

The Neal's in the Real said...

And the Jankier you are the longer it takes..Jk..Like I said Magazines girlie magazines;)