Monday, May 31, 2010

a picture a day...11 days to go

whatever your views are on politics...or war...or military...or government...i hope you will take the time today to remember the men and women {many of who are just babies themselves} that willingly fight and give their life for our freedom. the reason you can go to target or church or work or for a walk with your family is due to their sacrifice and service. we are forever indebted to those brave souls.

a few years ago we were in d.c. for a wedding and i remember seeing and photographing this memorial...

i remember thinking as i stared at all the markers of a life given in service that for every soldier who is {or was} on the battlefield there is a mother or father. a wife or husband. a son or a daugther who can reassure us that the freedom is not free.

so on this memorial day our family will remember and pray for those individuals around the world. please join us as well...

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