Monday, May 3, 2010

so i can remember...

we are a month out from her second birthday and so i'll always have a record of funny things she says i'm making the list here that i will be certain to add to as i remember different things, but here's a start:

bite-da-mibs {vitamins}
die coat {diet coke. no she doesn't drink it, i do and she always says it}
fru knack {fruit snack}
basses {glasses}
yips {lips}
barsh an oble {barnes and noble}
flip dots {flip flops}
pank {paint}
brog {bra}

and some of the funny phrases:

me: how many ______ do you want?
her: 1,2,3,4 or 2,5 {she says it all together}

me: georgia put that down baby
her: i will juuuuuuuuuust hold it

me: where does God live?
her: auburn

me: Georgia, don't push baby. God didn't give you strength to push. What did He give you strength for?
her: love and syrup {because i always tell her she has strength to love and serve}

me: good morning {if i am the one to get her out of the crib}
her: daddy had go work today? {because he always gets her from her bed in the morning}

me: what did moses tell pharaoh?
her: let my people dough

and her most common phrase these days is:

i will do it myself. or i a big girl.

and she does. and she is. sigh.


Cindy said...

Yes, she is a big girl. You need to read the Galimore's blog..

Love from Auburn..


Carey and Nathan said...

Isn't it amazing and hilarious when their words start making sense? Bailey has the basics ("eez" for cheese, "oosh" for juice", "osh" for orange) but I'm so looking forward to the day she starts answering my questions with real words. These girls are so precious!