Wednesday, June 23, 2010

embrace the camera thursday

i happened upon this girls blog and have fallen in love with this idea. here's an bit from emily's blog about 'embrace the camera thursdays' :
do you have pictures of yourself, with your little people?
in this day and age of the "momarazzi", many of us are always behind the lens...rather in front of it.
some of you feel much more comfy behind the lens, and i get that.
look, you think i want pictures of myself in the same velour jogging suit for the 3rd day in a row {i slept in that jogging suit each night too---i know, gross, right?}
well, i don't really want those pictures...but my kids do---or, at least they will one day.
sadly, i don't have a lot of pictures with me and my mom from when i was younger.
i am off to change this for my kids.
i want them to have an abundance of remind them of these days that we spent at home together.
the days may seem to drag...but honestly, the years fly.

love that! and so true. so not promising that our 'real' pictures will get posted every thursday but i'm committed to making sure that georgia has lots of pictures that tell the real story of how our days {and ourselves} looked when she was younger. if you blog or if you don't, i encourage you to do the same. these pictures will tell the real story of our lives long after we're gone.


Wendy said...

Cute pic! Lovin the attitude! ☺

2littlehooligans said...

those curls! I love the pics with her and daddy, so sweet!

emily said...

ack!!! i LOVE this picture. so stinkin sweet.georgia is about the cutest thing ever.thanks for joining us this week!

Nikki said...

What a cute little face!

Steph said...

Love it.Really. ;)

yeoldesandwichshoppeva said...

Silly face pictures are among my favorite! Very sweet!

MarkyDsMom said...

sweet picture! :o)