Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a picture a day...9 days to go

it's become clear to me looking back through these pictures of the last year that my child is quite the paci lover. most of the pictures of us hanging out at home have the paci or her bunny somewhere close. what's also clear to me is that in the coming months when i try to transition her to life without them, i will have my work cut out for me. it's all good though. i guess we'll be working on the whole ' be not lovers of the things of this world' scripture those weeks. hopefully we'll both have it memorized by the time its over and certainly better for it.

until then, i'm working on the whole 'be not anxious' one...

{and if you noticed something on her paci, it's paint. non-toxic of course. but when we're painting and she needs to tell me somthing then she reaches her little paint covered hands to remove paci. then sticks it right back in. of course. }

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Talia said...

There's a board book called "Binky" by Leslie Patricelli that both of my kids love. It ends with the line "there's Binky! In my crib! Just where I like it best."

We would read that and then talk about keeping the binky in the crib. It made a nice transition to having one only while in bed and then finally to no binky/paci at all.