Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a krispy kreme date

georgia and i went to krispy kreme for the first time last saturday. i figured she'd enjoy watching them make the donuts as much as the donut itself. i knew better than to get a chocolate covered sprinkled one, so we choose the original glazed. with sprinkles of course...

i was wrong about the whole 'watching them make them' thing. she was waayy more interested in the donuts. really can you blame her? if you haven't ever had the privilege of eating a krispy kreme right of the conveyor belt you are missing one of life's greatest pleasures. i'm kinda serious. anyway, she was not happy when i told her that we weren't getting another one. i can't remember what she was saying exactly but she was trying hard to convince me that she needed more...
and not just one more either. i asked her how many she wanted and this is what she said. 5. not 1,2,3 or 4 but 5. which would be her whole caloric intake for the day. which would also mean that we'd be up till midnight with no nap. which meant she only got one.
they give the kids a paper hat like the workers wear and can i just tell you that she was way too cool to wear it in the store. she waited till we got into the car and then wanted her hat. go figure.
happy hump day friends. be back tomorrow.

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jennyhope said...

you are so gifted with the camera!