Sunday, July 25, 2010

tha puffs

each time i put puffs in georgia's hair something interesting happens. she becomes a little different. a little i kinda understand because when i cut my hair off {which i've done often} there is some part of my personality that the short bob activates. for her, it's the puffs. what was supposed to be a art playdate turned into my 'puff daddy' acting a fool.

she didn't want maggie to paint. she wanted to be all in her space and kept trying to hug {pull really} her away from painting.
she went to get her lotion and wanted to 'brush' maggie's hair. poor girl doesn't understand that most of her friends have no need for kinky curly's 'knot today' leave in conditioner.
maggie is in the middle of potty training so her mama brought her potty and georgia was more interested in seeing if she could fit both feet in the bowl...
seriously she was ALL over this house. i kept telling my friend heather that 'it must be the puffs'. finally i told her that she needed to calm down {cuz she really wasn't doing anything wrong, just being busy. like extra busy} but i told her to be sweet and visit with her company. so she decided to sit her hiney on the table and fold her little hands and watch patiently and quietly while maggie painted. that lasted at least 94 seconds.
before i put the camera up i asked her for a smile. i got this...
those darn puffs. they are something. i gotta remember that before i go puttin' them in daily.
hope you guys had a good weekend. i'm about to burn up. the temp said 104 in my car today. phew. glad i won't be in hell all my life. hopefully you won't be either. peace out....


islandfairy said...

what a funny girl g is! the same happens to my daughter after her jazz dancing lessons.she's so hyped up that she can't stop chatting, running, jumping off/climbing onto things. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Have I told you how lately how much I love your posts? I look at that sweet, happy face numerous times during the day!

Hugs from Auburn!