Wednesday, July 7, 2010


so that i'll always have a record of what 2 looked like here goes:

37 inches tall {which is off the chart by the way}
32 pounds
talking in full sentences. no more piecing together words.
still napping
expert jumper {like girl has springs for legs}
in love with her momma. she is going through another attachment phase {which i secretly hopes last 83 years}
has excellent memory
knows her abc's and where angels live
is such a tenderhearted child. so much like her daddy. so loving. so encouraging.
and has picked up some more funny words like:

flip bops {flipflops}
sub getti {spagetti}
heli-doctor {helicopter}
ella gator {elevator}
preckles {freckles}

she's super into gender right now too. she asks harold at least 10 times a day if he's a boy. everybody we talk about or see, she says if they are a boy or girl. and she's right most of the time.

also she's asking people frequently if 'you gotta baby in your tummy?' as you can imagine, sometimes this isn't so funny. she doesn't mean to insinuate that they look pregnant, she just wants to know who does and who doesn't have a baby in their tummy. it's because we have some friends who are pregnant that she sees and now she's curious.

and my current favorite thing is that for the last few days when i lay her in the crib for her nap or for nighttime, she looks at me as says..."i had fun wit you day". of course i melt and then tell her that she can't possibly know how much fun i've had with her that day as well.

i kiss her face more often than you can imagine. i also love her more than i could've imagined. year 3 is going to be a good one. i can feel it.


Kelsie said...

ummm you are making me miss this little lady tremendously!! please let me spend some time with her before yall leave!!

islandfairy said...

aww you melted my heart too! its a great idea to write a snapshot post for posteritys sake. georgias really really sweet!