Tuesday, July 27, 2010


surely you've heard of Cooking Light. they are part of Southern Living and put out a monthly magazine that I adore. well they've expanded their offerings and have now put out a special edition cookbook on first foods. sounds yummy right??

the magazine is jammed packed with recipes combining the things kids love with smart ways to prepare them. like these sweet potatoes fries...

there is also lots of good information about storing food, measuring food, the nutritional density of food. and so on and so on...

and of course they've thrown in lots of 'comfort food' recipes that are scaled down to their 'light' specifications for little tastebuds. yummy again right???

but page 95 of the cookbook offers something that is beyond yummy. it in fact holds the most yummiest thing ever ever. well to me anyway. wanna see page 95?

aaaahhhhkkkk. my georgia marie. it's been almost a year since we were asked to be part of this project so you can imagine the excitement when i finally had this cookbook in my hands. she looks so young here. well and yummy too. they even used one of the stories i had given to them about our first food experiences. and her picture was printed again...

she's a star. a real celebrity now. if you'd like an autographed cookbook by the yummy georiga marie let me know and i'll see what i can do. seriously, how fun.
fun fun fun.

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The Neal's in the Real said...

Thats awesome!!!! I love it!!