Thursday, August 19, 2010

a few funny things

so i can remember...
me: you better not give daddy all my kisses
her: {while kissing him over and over again} we're married

me: where were you born
her: at barnes and noble

me: baby, just lick that sucker. don't bite it.
her: you bite it with your molars {and hands it to me to bite}

me: want me to go under {meaning go underwater to show her how to swim}
her: you better hold your mouth breath

me: do you know how much i love you
her: more than all the bandaids

me: what do you want me to draw
her: i will draw your name

me: what is your memory verse this week
her: we saw america flag at da mall {not sure why she always associates the flag with her weekly bible verse but she does}

i'll add more as i recall, but wanted to journal as i remember. more interesting posts coming soon...


islandfairy said...

thanks for sharing these with us. im trying to write my daughters down as they happen otherwise i forget doesnt always work though. i wish i was married to her too. :-)

Ford Family said...

Heather, she is a doll!!!

Kelsie said...

the bandaids one has to be my favorite :)

DeAnn said...