Monday, August 23, 2010


i have starting working again as an editore for alabama baby magazine. ironically enough, i worked for them before georgia so now, as you can imagine, i have lots more to contribute. anyway, this week is our biggest week. it's baby week! it's where we will have segments on Fox each morning building up the hype to this saturday with BABYPOOLZA. if you're clueless, Babypoolza is a huge expo (thousands of attendees) where shopping, information and fun all happen together. it's also known for it's prize giveaways like a BOB stroller....Kalencom diaper certificates....nap nannies....and TONS more. we have gifts that will be given away hourly and a huge grand prize at the end of the day. it's seriously the most fun.

if you are anywhere near the Birmingham area swing by. and don't think you must be pregnant to benefit. this is a family event with stuff for all. and shopping too. you won't be sorry. and if seeing my face isn't incentive enough, there will be free chik-fil-a biscuits. that always works...

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