Wednesday, August 25, 2010

because i'm always up to something...

i need another project like i need a hole in my head. but sometimes i just can't help it. and since the Favorite Foods Friday event was such a success {so much so that my friends have decided that want to do it each month} i've decided to make it easy for anyone with the desire to host one their neighborhood. much of the hesitation i hear is that moms don' t have the time to pull all the pieces together. you go. everything you'll need can be delivered to your doorstep. except the friends, food & fun of course. i'm super excited about this and i'll be on the local Fox station in the morning talking about it as well and hopefully won't embarrass myself talking 90mph.

so anyway, here you go:

i've also created another blog:

i'll be posting recipes, info related to kid's health and of course pictures and tips from all the Favorite Foods parties we feature. and to get your own favorite foods friday party set {which is so doesn't have to be on a friday} click on the link in the right sidebar. it will take you to etsy for the full description.

be back sooner than later....

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Anonymous said...

oh that's genius! so glad you took the plunge! do you ship outside the us?