Wednesday, September 8, 2010

summer 2010

dear summer...

thank you. thank you for being willing to let each day last longer and longer so that we could enjoy all you had to offer. you've given us some sweet memories and for that we're grateful...

we've blown out candles and lit up fireworks.
wore out our bathing suits but built up confidence.
dirtied paintbrushes and our clothes daily.
took long walks and short naps.
danced in tutus and butt naked.
been swimming in the pool. the lake. and the ocean.
played with friends here. there. and at chicken play.
ate pizza for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.
learned our abc's and how to hold our breath.

the list could go on and on but mainly...thank you. our family is richer because of your warmth. and if autumn is sitting near, please do remind him to take it easy on us. we promise to drink up every bit he'll offer if he'll just be as generous.

h,h & g


islandfairy said...

what a lovely post! apart from the impossibly cute photos of georgia, its a good reminder to think about the positive things in our lives. i, for one, let the negative creep in too often.

Anonymous said...

GIRLFRIEND! You are so gifted! Thank You, Jesus for giving her these words to share! WOOHOO !!Cindy

The Hairstons said...

I came across your blog a couple of months ago and have kept coming back to look at pictures of your BEEEEAUTIFUL Georgia! I love this post and had to comment. So greatly worded! What a great way to close out summer!