Friday, October 8, 2010

turning a corner...

so this week has come to an end and i'm just now getting back here. georgia's sinus infection is gone, but diarrhea has come in it's place and i swear her insides must be squeky clean. i can't imagine there's much left in there. sorry. just keepin' it real. so we've had to stay close to home because i really have no desire to be dealing with the 'mess' at storytime or target. the good thing is that we've gotten to spend lots of extra time together inside our four walls. and she's gotten to do things that i probably don't take the extra time to let her do. but when you have all day it's easy to let her...

crack the eggs
count the sprinkles
stir the batter
cream the butter

she enjoyed every minute as did i. sure we {okay i} had a huge mess to clean up but more importantly we were together and i was able to teach her a lesson on loving your neighbor. the cookies were for friends who just has a baby and while we made them i discussed many of the ways in which we show love for our neighbor. making dinner & cookies is just one of them. and then i watched as my 2 year old joyfully served her neighboor. despite not feeling well. despite cabin fever. despite it all, she showed me that loving and serving is never based on feelings. and if you'll just take some extra time and use all the sprinkles you have, then it always brings joy.

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