Monday, November 29, 2010


don't let the pictures fool you. even though we are in full christmas swing around here, we didn't just pass over thanksgiving without taking a minute to actually be thankful. in fact, i'm just now getting here because it's taken me a whole week longer to really think about and appreciate all the things that i'm thankful for. true enough there is something special about 'thanksgiving day'. the family. the food. the fellowship. naps. football. on and on. but sometimes in the middle of an ordinary day...when prayers get answered. when bodies are healthy and spirits are encouraged. when the house warm and holds just enough space for love to grow. when friends are healing and strongholds are breaking. when God seems just a little closer than the day before...that's when i stop and i think to myself...this is what thanksgiving is. this right here is reason to celebrate. and so we are. celebrating the way things are and yet realizing that things won't always be this way. at least not this side of heaven.

so happy thanksgiving friends. be back soon.

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Ford Family said...

happy thanksgiving goss fam!! :)