Wednesday, November 10, 2010

where you go-ed?

every time i pick georgia up from mother's day out her first question is "where you go-ed?" she seems genuinely concerned about my whereabouts when we're apart and since it's been 2 weeks since we last visited here i figured you're asking the same thing..."where you go-ed?"

i'm here. we're here. things are good. in the best of interest of your time and my memory i'm going to bullet point the last two weeks. this is as much for our memory {we use this blog as a scrapbook} as it is to catch you up on the latest 'round here...

*georgia got her first ever bout of croup. we caught it early and the steroids did their magic to her cough and to her energy.

*30 minutes before a friend's party halloween night she tells me that she doesn't want her costume. that she wants to be a fairy. 30 minutes later a fairy she was. pink tights. sparkle shoes. a tutu. a purple dress. a homemade fairy wand and some face paint. she loved it. and i love her enough to make her feel like magic is real and plans can change.

*everyday since the fairy night we've had to paint her face. and most days before 7:30 am.

*favorite foods friday was a blast and we have one more this year. i'm hoping to get the post up on that blog this week. hoping i said. and seriously, you're missing out of the fun if you haven't decided to try this. i know it was my idea and i could be biased, but it's a blast. and encouraging all at the same time.

*i asked georgia to pick up her toys the other night and her reply was "um, no. i'm sick a little bit".

*i need to potty train, take the paci away and get her in her big girl bed all before new years. any body offering to help? it should be loads of fun around here this december ;)

*harold has a big day tomorrow. as in 10 months of waiting/wondering/praying/hoping/questioning/believing all coming to fruition. wish him luck okay...

*summer is back home. praise the lord. i wish all of you knew summer and got to sit on the front lines to witness this miracle as i have. you'd be so encouraged. so reminded of how god still hears. and heals. and protects. and loves.

and for those who did..thank you for praying for her. she still needs it. we need 100% recovery quickly. listen it's close. please don't stop until she's there. i promise i won't. thank you again. i mean it. thank you.

*lastly...remember the salted caramel hot chocolate from a few weeks ago? ummm, i figured out how to make it at home. in fact, i'm going for one after i finish here. it's seriously dangerous for my waistline. like this could be a major problem. i'll reach out if i need an intervention okay.

love you all. every one of you. stranger or friend.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.
Hebrews 13:2

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