Monday, December 20, 2010


this picture was taken 7 years ago today. 7 years, 3 homes, 2 towns & one child later we are here today happier, healthier and more complete than we were that glorious day. i wasn't one of those girls who dreamed of her wedding day. i rarely even thought about marriage when i was younger and certainly didn't entertain thoughts of what my husband would be like. all that to say that even if i would have dreamed up what i thought would have been the perfect love, harold is better. better than anything my mind could have conceived. in fact i sometimes marvel at how much God must love me to send me a husband that adores me and loves me in a way that is so pure. and all of that love despite my shortcomings. it is truly a blessing to know that should we have 7 days or 70 years left on this earth, we'll be together.

happy anniversary goss. i adore you too.


DeAnn said...

Happy anniversary dear ones ... may the Lord bless your marriage with the love demonstrated be 70 X 7 ... may the shelter found in your love for each other bless you and those you love.

Ford Family said...

Sweet! happy anniversary!

DeDeandMatt said...

Happy Anniversary lovely friends