Saturday, December 11, 2010

the paci ~ june 11, 2008 - december 10,2010

this picture is from earlier this week. it's the last picture i found with her and her paci. the paci that has been there since day 1. and now we're working on day 3 without it. it was her decision to throw it away. so i'll remember...we were at the doctor for a nasty cold {again} and the mentioned that the paci isn't helping because it's a germ magnet. so when she walked out i explained to georgia that her paci was yucky. that she could keep it but it might mean having to come back to the dr several more times. or she could throw it away and hopefully start to get lots better and not have to come to the dr lots more. she thought about it and said 'i don't wanna go to doctor again' i said well, throwing your paci away will help that not happen as much. she walked over to the trash and threw it away. i. was. stunned. i also realized at that moment that we couldn't go back. this was our opportunity and i had to roll with it. she was okay that first day...not much whining and went to sleep fine. yesterday {and today} at nap has been the worst so far. she was having real withdrawal symptoms. she even said that she will go back to the dr if she can have her paci back. talk about pitiful. i just held her tight and reassured her that she was okay. that i was there to hold her and that Christ will supply the comfort she truly needs. i'm hoping this passes quickly. for both our sakes. but then again i hope it last long enough for both of us to get the message that comfort really one does come from one Source.

and i must confess. i wish i was a little more like that curly headed offspring of mine. although she's had a moment she really is just going about her days without the one thing that she clung to so dearly. with her childlike faith she just knows that she's okay. she knows that i'll hold her tight. that every need and tear will be attended too. she's free. and so am i. free from the false things of this world that will try to provide a comfort that masks the real Comforter.

for her...the paci was only a glimpse of what real comfort feels like. for us who believe...real Comfort in here in Christ. we will celebrate anew this Christmas what it really meant for the Savior to be born unto men and to live with us that we might live with Him in true comfort forever.

joy to the world. the Lord has come. {and the paci is gone}

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