Monday, February 7, 2011


sometimes in the middle of an ordinary, rainbow filled, kumbayah singing, craft painting and life loving day i get reminded that we live in such a bad place. bad bad things happen and there are bad bad people. one of which who has decided to 'follow' our blog. i'm not sure who real or not real the threat actually is but nonetheless i am taking it as serious as a mother hen would. so as of friday this blog will be password protected. there are lots of you who i know and have your email...several more who i don't know {and some i do} but don't have your email to give you access. if you'll just send me a personal email at favoritefoodsfriday{at}gmail{dot}com then i'll be happy to add you. for those who came innocently to catch a glimpse of our lives i do apologize that the saying holds bad apple spoils the whole bunch. this blog was setup as a scrapbook of sorts and will continue to be that way but i will not allow some pervert to have access to my life and the stories of my daughter. no way. no how.

besides that. happy monday. we're going to resume our kumbayah singing now...


Ashley said...

I'm so so sorry! Some people are really awful, and it is horrible.

I found your blog a while back through embrace the camera, and have really enjoyed hearing about Georgia. She is too cute. Thanks for sharing.

Ford Family said...

Heather, I hate that the world is full of crazoos, so frustrating! Happy Monday!

The Heath Family said...

We just had the same issue earlier this month. Bad apples...all we can do is pray for them. Definitely add us to the new one.

Love from Colorado
The Heaths