Friday, March 4, 2011

mud & lipstick

let me just tell you something.  i LOVE being a girl.  i just spent the last 9 days covered in mud...drilling holes with a 100 pound augger {that i was handlin' let me tell you} name it.  i helped build a project from the ground up with sweat and a little blood {not mine thank goodness}.  i was a total tomboy for those days expect for the breaks when I had to cook the dinners & rock the baby.  all that to say today is totally different.  today i washed, dryed & curled my hair.  put on makeup & good lotion.  gave myself a pedicure and shaved.  today i am a total girly girl.  seriously it's so much fun going from one extreme to the other.  it's even more fun when you have a little person around who is all about it too.  whatever i've been doing these last days she's been right there beside me.  mud & lipstick baby.  mud & lipstick. 

and a little bit of eyeliner okay?  okay.


DeAnn said...

I see that Clinque bottle top ... Love y'all ... (you are featured in a recent post of mine and one of my very favorite people just in case you didn't know that)

Amber said...

Girl, you go..had to read the post twice to believe it!! Enjoyed catching up with you guys!!! Love ya'll! God Bless!
Jank Jank