Friday, May 13, 2011

how 'bout this...

i've got a few hundred pics on my camera that i am just now getting around to download.  instead of several different posts this is going to be the longest post ever.  i'm giving myself 45 minutes to get you and this blog caught up.  here we go...

first up...Easter Sunday.  my favorite time.  no chocolate.  no bunnies.  no eggs for us.  just the miracle and amazement of celebrating an empty tomb and risen Savior.  that is and will always be enough....

{ easter morning }


{ a place for Jesus at the head of our table } 


 { hanging outside after lunch }


{ cousin walker stayed all afternoon with us.  georgia wanted her hair braided like walker's.  sweet sweet girls. }


next up....the royal wedding.  my friend heather invited us over early that morning to watch and have a royal morning with our girls...


{ my and my princess.  it was so early...excuse the lack of hair/makeup/etc. }


{ we all were so enchanted by seeing a real princess' wedding }


{ we had scones and clotted cream. used real china and silver. it was so special }


{ cookies with royal icing & wedding cakes }


{ heather made us real tea.  i tried to drink it but i just couldn't.  i ended up with a diet coke in an auburn stadium cup.  that will not surprise some of you } 

Kids table 

{the girls had their own table and hats and bouquets.  it was precious.  }

Coloring kate 

{ and of course we had some 'royal wedding' related crafts as well. }


next...summertime.  seriously grilling out with family and friends and even just the 3 of us is by far my favorite thing to do. i love that my house gets wrecked from people in and out.  i love the sticky feeling inside from the back door being open all night.  i love the smells...the sounds...the tastes...and the good times all this brings...


{ i love this picture.  this is the best of what summer nights are about.  }


{ best thing #2 about summertime.  can you believe i didn't eat meat for a year.  what in the world was i thinking. }

Ice cream 

{ best thing #3 }


and finally...the random things to share...

Craft time 
{ this is what craft time looks like most days.  we have to work on keeping our workspace orderly. }


{ we're less than 4 weeks away from georgia's birthday.  it's going to be a circus 'round here.  pun intended ;) }


Bakers twine 

{ this is 3400 yards of bakers twine.  that's 10,200 feet.  i don't think i'll run out in this lifetime, do you? }


if you've made it this far then wow.  now that i feel 'caught up' then i'll do better.  got some fun 3 weeks ahead before the big birthday.  hope all of you are well and enjoying the summer nights.  if not, come on over and we'll show you a good time...

love from us all!

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