Friday, May 20, 2011

summer break - day 2

we went to play with sarah avery today and after lunch we headed to the depot so the girls could play in the water.  there was another little girl there with her bathing suit on and georgia kept asking to put hers on.  we hadn't planned on having them actually getting wet so i didn't bring it.  silly me i guess.  after i few minutes i realized that jojo had taken care of it herself by hiking her shorts up in her fanny making herself a bathing suit bottom thong.  seriously, how funny is this...

lesson #1 next week when we quit goofing off will be in modesty. 


Cindy Brooks said...

That is exactly how Kendal's bootie use to look! To this day, I can't help but pinching on it. She hates it but, I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF! I am surprised Georgia didn't just take it all off...Love the "thong"...Oh to be a kid again!
Love ya!

DeDe said...

LOVE her! What was so funny is that the shorts kept riding up ( or pushed up)

Amber Neal said...