Saturday, July 2, 2011

and now...

6-11 083 

and now.  wow.  now just keeps getting better and better.  for the past two years i've thought 'okay, this is my favorite age'.  but now...this stage we're in definitely is.  she is my constant companion and seriously i'm so smitten with her.  we talk about barney and the holy spirit. together, we pray for her stuffed animals and her future husband.  and even the hardest of days bring so much blessing to my life. 

this is what she said the other day... "mommy, you're not perfect.  but you will be perfect when you get to heaven.  but not right now.  you're not perfect right now.  but you are perfect for me". 

before the foundation of the world, we were perfect for each other.  God knew that she would be mine and i would be hers.  so even in the hardest of days, i try to remember that sweet perfection and enjoy every hard, trying, patience testing bit of this third year.

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julie said...

wow, she has gotten so big! she's just precious. i feel the same way... each year i think "this age is definitely the best." and it just KEEPS getting better.