Monday, August 29, 2011

just so you know...

this whole outfit was unscripted.  she did this herself.  and was proud too.  as she should be.  skinny belts are in this season and i explained to her that pairing animal print with patent leather is always a good thang.  i also told her i was impressed that she didn't over accessorize.  the one chunky necklace is a statement piece so no other jewelry was necessary.  i mean you gotta teach 'em this sometime right? 

824 153

here's what gets me though...we don't have cable so she's never seen beyonce.  never seen lady gaga...jlo...the spice girls...nothing.  so how in the world did she learn to dance like this???

824 158 
824 165 
824 161 

824 182 

i have to admit though.  i secretly wished for a silly little girl so i could relive all the best parts of being a kid.  and guess what.  i got what i hoped for.  you should have seen my get up that day.  the pirate hat was just the beginning...



Chief and Cissy said...

You BOTH are TOO FUNNY!!!!
Love from Auburn,
Chief and Cissy

Cindy Brooks said...

Well, I have seen your Mommy dance, sweet Georgia.. I know where you get it from! Too funny!
Hugs from Auburn!
Love you!
Cindy a/k/a Nana

Cindy Brooks said...

Just checking in on the Goss Fam...Hope you all have a great week!
War Eagle..sorry 'bout the Dawgs...