Thursday, October 27, 2011

trunk or treat 2011

last night was the annual trunk or treat at our church.  georgia and her friend maggie were cat and mouse.  i dare to say that you haven't seen a kitty this cute ever.  all the kids were so adorable and she was WAY more into getting candy this year than years past...

10-27 109

10-27 037

10-27 088

10-27 116

we got home around 8pm and although it was late and we all were worn out, i did what my mom always let us do.  dump and sort and enjoy.  there were 4 piles.  one for georgia with all she liked.  one for daddy.  one for mommy.  one for the trash if you can believe it.  then we all ate as much as we wanted from our piles and called it a night...

10-27 148

just so you know this was her pajama choice and she slept in her baby legwarmers all night long.  i mean why not right?

and just to remember, here's the years past:

Richard simmons 259

she's going to kill me for this richard simmoms costume one day.  seriously.  she's going to hate me.  but who could resist...


Heather said...

You are right. She is the cutest kitty I have ever seen. LOVE IT!

Cindy Brooks said...

I cannot even find the words the describe how happy this post made me. Sweet Thang has gone from a sweet baby to a sweet girl..
Trick or Treat!

Naomi said...

Georgia may not forgive you for the Richard Simmons costume, but your friends will always thank you, because it's hiiiiilarious. It was also destiny. It *had* to happen. Just look at her hair! How could you resist?!