Monday, February 20, 2012


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i mean seriously.  look at these friends.  i don't have to tell you how much they love each other.  look at the faces.  these pictures will be so special to these girls one day.  when they are long gone and living their own lives.  i hope they look back and remember how fun it was to live life together...


dede said...

I can't handle it, they are so stinkin cute. They do love each other as though they were sissy's. I can't
tell you how many times the word "Georgia" is spoken out loud at our home. She wants to play with her
toys, wear her clothes, have the same hair do, eat her food, hug her....and her momma, and play at her house.
It is a blessing to have a friend like this, and it's a good thing these little girls momma's have friends like this too :)
We love you Goss family

Cindy Brooks said...

WUV, WUV, WUV some girlfriends! 'Nuff said!