Wednesday, February 15, 2012

we play softball

if you say you wanna play softball at my house then you better bring it.  i don't do play play softball.  i think the whole "everybody wins...everybody gets a trophy" does our children a great disservice.  when you work hard, you win.  when you don't, you lose.  it's that way in real life so why in the world have team sports gone the way of less competition?  i mean i not one of those parents.  you know the ones yelling from the stands.  screaming at the umpire. you know like my but if you commit to playing a sport, then you better bring it.  and practice.  and do your very best.  because there's reward in that.

anyway, off my soapbox... i've been telling georgia that she has to practice for a year before i will let her play.  she'll be playing with 5 & 6 year olds so by the time we get to the field next spring she'll be holding her own.  i can guarantee you that.  i am volunteer coaching this season for girls softball/tball so she'll be there every practice to get ahead.  this is gonna be fun.  check out my girl...









dede said...

oh my goodness, how cute! love her little face, it makes this post believable

Cindy Brooks said...

Oh, Heather! From the helmet to the sneakers...I am in love with that little thang! Don't ya just love the color pink? Can't wait to get Lilah's fingernails painted...
Hugs from Auburn!

DeAnn said...


Kristie said...

Love it! Can't wait til she plays!! You know we will help coach :). Aunt kristie.