Monday, October 8, 2012

the big 40!

here's just a few pics from harold's 40th bday...we celebrating at home and then went for a quiet weekend to gorham's bluff, alabama.  it was just the three of us and we had such a good time together...


i hope you can read this was so sweet.  and she was so happy and surprising her daddy with a cupcake when he got home from work.  god love him for always being so excited and playing right along with her...




this was the last picture i'll have of the three of us...found out the next week that our family was growing!!


i didn't take many pictures in gorham's bluff...was too busy enjoying my peeps and beautiful place.  but here's one picture of the porch where we ate all our meals.  we all agreed that we could get used to that view everyday.


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DeAnn said...

Gosh I love seeing these ... big smiles ... y'all's and mine!