Friday, February 8, 2013

my my...

how did we get to february?

how did i get to be 33 weeks pregnant?

how did 3 months manage to sneak by without a picture...or word...or update?


i'm gonna go ahead and say it. poor second child. i have blogged...photographed...journaled near as much (okay hardly at all) as i did with georgia.  i keep saying to myself that baby girl might not get all the same things georgia did, but she'll get just as good a piece of me and my time as her sister.  it'll be different and exactly what she'll need, lord willing.  i'll love her different and fierce and just as much...even if i didn't document every moment of it.  and speaking of baby girl, she has a name.  

marley.  marley kate goss.  

god love her.  i cannot wait to meet her face to face.  i cannot wait for her sister to meet her face to face.  i am so thankful to be going through this with georgia.  we were on a walk earlier this week and she was pushing her baby doll in a stroller talking about how we'd be doing this and that with marley when she gets her and i just stopped and told her how very thankful i was to have her as my friend to be going through season with.  true that she's my 4 year old daughter, but she is my sweet friend and i have no doubt when the days get long and my heart feels discouraged, she'll be such a light.  

so anyway, 6 weeks to go...and no doubt the last 3 months have been full.  let's just hit the highlights, okay??

look at these cousins...this picture was at christmas.  these are some of the best kids around...


here's the 4 of us...big belly and big hair.  that's how we roll...


me and my girl...crazy how much i love her.


and what about that january snow???  we took full advantage of it and got some of my favorite pictures i have of her.  you just never know...




a few weeks ago, georgia and i 'practiced' our newborn photography.  cuz you know the birth announcement is already fresh on my mind.  she was being so crazy sweet.  i thought she wanted to help me, but she really wanted to be in all the pictures and kept telling me how she wanted to pose.  she is soooo a first born!


2-8 008
okay so i'm gonna do better these next weeks. got to.  there is much to talk about ;)

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Cindy Brooks said...

You are doing good! Thank you for the update. Think of you often, and when I do, I say prayers for your sweet family. Love the name Marley Kate! Love YOU!