Saturday, March 15, 2008

Life & Death

Harold's grandpa, Eldon, passed away this past week so we spent the weekend in Gainesville, GA for his funeral. He was 85 years old and although the human side of us mourns for him, we found ourselves quite happy that he was united with his wife, Lula, and most importantly Jesus. He and Lula were married 61 years when she died a few years ago and at that moment he slowly began to die as well. And now...finally...he doesn't have to be heartbroken another day. He and Lula had 11 children (6 boys, one of which is Harold's dad, and 5 girls) and as you can imagine from those 11 children have come many, many more lives. The house they built on Goss Hill was and will continue to be filled with the product of those two people. There is a beautiful side of death for those who move on to Eternity and also for those left behind that long for that place as well. We will see them again one day in Glory...this I know for sure!

And speaking of life...the one inside me is growing strong. I start my 3rd trimester tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. The home stretch. 27 weeks. She is moving more and more and the kicks are getting stronger and stronger. I think that is one of my favorite things about being pregnant. They are a reminder that she is my constant companion and although I carry her physically now, I will always carry her with me. And even when she is here, I will never forget the days when we were one.

So in the contrast of life & death, I am blessed to find the joy and hope in them both. Thanks be to God for overcoming the grave and giving us life everlasting. To Him be the glory FOREVER!


jennyhope said...

i am so sorry about his grandpa. love jenny

DeDeandMatt said...

aaaw. A lovely post. To God be the Glory

Sherry said...

You are so right about having hope! Thank you, Lord, for conquering the grave!And your also right about never forgetting the way your baby feels in your tummy. You never will.