Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sweet Memories...

This past weekend Courtney (my sister in law & mother to Maggie, Max, Walker and Baby #4) spend some time in her attic. She had some bins of clothes that Maggie & Walker wore when they were little and she just hadn't gotten around to donating them all. We dragged several bags & containers down from the attic and started digging...We found lots and lots of good stuff but most of all it was fun remembering each one of the girls in those little outfits. Some were Easter outfits, some they wore in Christmas pictures, and most were just their play clothes that I remember them in. I left her house with a car full of clothes and an even fuller heart knowing that Georgia is next in line to make memories in those passed down pieces.

Maggie will be 7 in July...I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. I wanted her to be a girl so bad. She has a special place in my heart as the first little girl in my life and always will.
Walker will be 4 in September. I don't remember the day she was born as much as I do Maggie's birth day, but Walker is made of the stuff angels are and her voice sounds like heaven sometimes. And just when you think you can't fall anymore in love with her, it happens.
And I'm not forgetting Max...or Baby 4, but this post is about the little angel girls in our lives. Indeed, Georgia will grow to love them as much as I do. They will be like rock stars in her little world. So much older...So much smarter...So much cooler. It will be fun to watch her look up to and learn from those 2 girls. They have already taught me so much :)

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jennyhope said...

The LORD provides girl! That has been my song. Love the pics!