Sunday, May 4, 2008

a chapter closed...

Harold is on his way home from his last weekend at Maxwell Air Force Base. We made the decision for him to leave the Reserves shortly after I found out I was pregnant. The weeks away for training, the inevitable reality of deployment & weekends at Maxwell every month started to mean something completely different for all three of us. He is the head of this house and takes that job very seriously making him not just an incredible husband and father but an incredible soldier, knowing when to walk away when you can't serve with your whole heart. I am constantly amazed at the resolve he has when it comes to the commitments in his life. He gives and serves in a way that is so reflective of the love of Christ and even when it hurts, he does the right thing. And for that...I am proud.

So sweetie, thank you for loving and protecting us in uniform but more importantly in the walls of our home. You are my hero.

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DeDeandMatt said...

what a BEAUTIFUL post! I teared up. We are very thankful for Harold and his comittments and how God has used him in our lives as well. I love your last 2 sentences. Ya'll are going to be soooo great at parenting. Love, DeDe and Matt