Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lots of 'News'

First of all we got a new poll so take the time to answer. Here are the results from the previous poll:
4 of think she'll come between now & Saturday
17 say between June 1 - 7
16 think between June 8 - 14
10 guess she'll arrive after June 14

So the contest has begun. Harold thinks she is coming by Saturday. I think the 1st -7th so we'll see what happens. 20 days left. My goodness. So here's 37 weeks...
Also, I've developed a new hobby. Sewing burp cloths. Any scrap of fabric I find laying around I am quickly sewing to some terry cloth therefore making lots and lots cute burp cloths for her to throw up all over. Here's the latest batch...

And speaking of new...My nephew Max is headed to a new chapter in his little life. Kindergarten. He 'graduated' from pre-school on Thursday and now will get to be at the big kids school with sister Maggie. I did catch him for a quick picture but of course he had already shed the cap & gown. Yes, they had on real cap & gowns.

Excuse the blurry picture fact that brings us to the last 'new' of the post. Our new camera. Our digital camera has been quite the frustration lately and I had started to panic about all the delivery, hospital pictures turning out blurry. So in lieu of getting some newborn pictures taken professionally, we bought a great camera yesterday. As you can imagine I am quickly learning everything I can so that I can be prepared to use it once she gets here. It's an SLR camera which operates a bit different than a digital so the learning curve is steep but goodness it will be worth it. Here's a picture from yesterday just playing around. The clarity and colors are amazing. Georgia will indeed be one photographed child.
So here's to all the 'news' in our world. Hopefully before long we'll be posting about our new addition. Come on baby girl!!!!!!!


Talia said...

The camera was a great idea! I hope you enjoy it. We had to do the same thing when Will started crawling out of the frame before our old digital one could take the picture.

I covet your sewing skills, those burp cloths are so cute. Another great use for them is under baby's bottom on your changing table so you don't have to change the pad covering out quite so often.

Sherry said...

Oh, how I love those burp cloths! Baby girl better come fast and ruff and tuff with her afro puffs!! I can't wait!!!!!!