Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 months today

georgia is 3/4's of the way to her big day. 9 months old today. lots going on 'round here. good things. my house took the backseat to work last week so i don't have much time for blogging right now while baby g is asleep but here's some recap of the last days...

it was such a beautiful weekend and we spend lots of time at the park and outside in our yard. i can't decide who is cuter in this picture playing patty baby or my husband. i actually think my husband is ;)

i've explained to georgia that i have to get back in shape, so she was reminding me how to do push-ups.

and then we went to chin-ups...she said they were good for the traps. (whatever those are)

and she also gave me a lesson about trans fats and was showing me how to read the nutrition labels on our food (she reads upside down you know. smart huh?)

oh and here...see that big grin? she was getting told no-no. this is the cabinet with all our cleaning stuff. (yes, yes, i am getting those cabinets locks. this week. i promise) anyway, i had to put the camera down after this pic because discipline isn't so effective when your snapping photos and saying 'big girl'.

and this is for her sweet daddy.

we talk about him lots throughout the day. and now when i ask where he is she looks towards the door because she knows that is how he comes in everyday. and just today she crawled over and started looking out for him. she knows he loves her deeply and she loves him too.

so sweetie...we'll be waiting for you. see you in a bit. love you tons.

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The Beam Family said...

I love the last picture. Who wouldn't want to come home to that?