Monday, March 16, 2009

here comes the sun...

after several days of rain AND several days of a cold for georgia, the sun is out and drying up the
wet ground and my baby girl. we'll get out today and enjoy it for sure. she has her 9 month appointment tomorrow so i'll do some updates later but here's some happenings from our time sheltered indoors...

she has no idea that there is a MUCH easier way to get her letters out of her train. instead she'd rather drape her body across it and reach in upside down. or maybe she's just creative .

she's also figured out another way to enjoy the jumper since she's way too busy to get in it these days. so she grabs her care bear and they head off to play under it.

and here. need i explain. this took about 3 seconds to happen. you can imagine what the room looked like when she was finished with that roll of ribbon. {note to self - if you give her ribbon to play with, don't give her a 20 YARD SPOOL}

so at some point i had to reign the madness in and i took away the ribbon which then prompted her to call her Cissy and tell on me ;)

and here's miss nosey rosey looking to see what that nose was out in the living room. she doesn't miss much i tell you. wonder where she gets that?! {and can you please notice those shoulder muscles. wow }

okay so i haven't gotten the cabinet locks yet, but i'm going. i just keep forgetting to pick them up when i'm out. however this picture is proof that it's time.
so there you have it. happenings at our house. i've got about 20 more minutes {hopefully} before she wakes up and a load of laundry is staring at me. hope it's warm where you are. happy tuesday!
{oh and just so you know...all the pictures were taken on one day. told you she was busy. and do you see how many outfits we had to go through! i don't do well with wet, snotty clothes so we were changing lots. hence the massive pile of laundry i see to my right. }

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Alicia said...

Love the pics- Georgia is getting so big. Time flies by way too fast. I finally bought Photoshop, so, if I can just figure out how to use it. I think I might need a tutorial from you :) (When you get a chance)