Thursday, March 26, 2009

a place prepared...

when i found out that we were having a baby the plans for his/her room began immediately. i would daydream about paint colors, fabric swatches and chandeliers. i looked at magazines, blogs and whatever else to find inspiration for what would become the nursery. i wanted everything to be just right. every detail to be well thought out. it was the only thing i could really 'prepare' while waiting to meet my child and i loved every minute of the planning. and once it was done i would sit in her room and wonder if she would love it as much as i loved making it for her.

jesus told his disciples in the 14th chapter of john that 'he was going to prepare a place for them' {john 14:2}

i've been reminded of this verse often in the last weeks. i've been praying for my heart to be prepared for easter. and for some reason i keep thinking of the glorious place called heaven where jesus lives. and amongst the many mansions, there is a place prepared just for me. can you imagine what detail and care our perfect savior has gone through to make sure that we will find our 'room' in heaven to be just perfect. if i, a mere sinner, would go through the tasks for my own child, how much more is his love for us?

so i urge you to pray that god would renew in you a sense of wonder and awe as we approach easter sunday. that you might prepare your heart in a new way these next days. i want to see the perfection of his plan as i mourn on good friday. and read the story of the cross with fresh eyes. and mostly, embrace the beautiful sunday that changed everything...

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