Wednesday, March 25, 2009

few words...

the past few days have been. um. weird. i won't bore you with details but harold and i have asked each other several times since monday where the camera crew was because for sure we were on some sort of sick comedy show. nevertheless, we are all fine and looking forward to the weekend {yes, already}

and this picture is random but i took it the other day and when i was downloading pictures for some reason it turned out to be my new favorite. georgia is starting to look like a little girl and this picture really made me notice how much she is changing and just how beautiful she is. i love that little thing more every single day. from her chubby toes up to those wayward curls.

and then back down again.

hope it's somewhat normal where you are. love from the twilight zone ;)


Gary and Summer said...

you are funny. and you are right, g. marie looks very girly in this photo-she's such a pretty one! too sweet.

DeDeandMatt said...

Look at her thinning out and growing into a little girly. Sweet baby