Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i don't think i've been online more than 5 minutes since last friday. been busy around here. we're working on our guest room, had all the mother's day festivities and my friend tricia has been here since saturday so we've had lots of hanging out to do.

the guest room is coming along good. we've decided to re-do the whole room completely and i can't wait to share it once we're done. so we've been painting this weekend and the fabric came yesterday for the headboard. it's going to be good. AND i'm doing it on a major budget so more to come 'bout that...

and mother's day was great. everyday being a mother is great. it really is. harold asked where i wanted to go for lunch on sunday and i said home. i wanted to cook him {and tricia and ginger and georgia} a good meal. as i prepared the food i kept thinking to myself, this is exactly what this day is about. it's what my mom always did and i couldn't think of another place i wanted to be than my house, cooking for the people i love. i did let harold do the dishes though ;() and monday tricia and i spend the morning at the spa while harold kept georgia. again, it's been a great couple of days.

and know what is even better????

this arrived on my doorstep friday morning.

remember that quilt i won using georgia's baby clothes. it is finished and oh. my. goodness. i'll have a whole post about it this week so stay tuned.
happy day to you all...

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