Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the quilt

i wish i could explain to you guys how excited i was on friday when i saw the box from ticche & bea. it has taken me 6 months to get the courage up to cut some of georgia's baby clothes to send off for the quilt but i finally did it and sent them off late last month. of course i saved most of the 'important' outfits, but there was lots to choose from when i started cutting. anyway, i cut out 24 6"x6" pieces of her clothes, her bedding, her blankets...stuffed them in an envelope and waited {not so patiently} for the result.

i had tears in my eyes when i opened the box friday morning. there was all my baby's clothes AND my memories sewn together for me to look at, touch & appreciate for ever and ever. being able to see this quilt and be reminded of the early days without having to dig in a box in the attic makes all the pain i had cutting up her clothes so worth it! i really cannot begin to tell you how great this is, so see for yourself...

amazing huh?! all of you with kids I really recommend doing the same thing. i won the chance for them to make it for me, but i would have spent 75.00 for this quilt ANYDAY! if you cut the clothes and mail it to them, they'll sew it and send it back to you for that price. or you can buy a kit for 35.00 and sew it yourself. i have slept with this quilt every night since it came. don't call me weird either. i just love looking at it and touching it. i couldn't really appreciate those first days at the time, but boy can i ever now.

so here's the site http://www.ticcheandbea.com/ visit their website for more info. super nice folks over there with great products.

happy hump day. i'm off to bed. at 7:21 pm i might add. we have early starts 'round here ;)


Ford Family said...

Ooooh...it looks so pretty, but I wish I could see a larger pic of it!! I might just need to do this!! Great idea!!

Talia said...

I think I'm going to do this. That's such a reasonable price for something so special, I'd rather have permanant reminders than sell on consignment!

Julee H. Nappier said...

So sweet!