Tuesday, July 7, 2009

and before i forget...

i wanted to post her updates from her 12 month appointment:

*31 inches tall { 95th percentile - dr. said she's likely to be around 6 feet tall}
*24.9 lbs {95th percentile}
*completely through with formula {thank GOD} and down to just a bottle of milk at night. will be eliminating that this month
*walking / running
*saying about 10 words crystal clear: mama, dada, bible {her first real word}, orange, bye bye, hey, juice, dog, up, duck, quack quack, light
*and several other words that we understand but you might not ;)
*has started saying two words together like: hey dada or hey chief {which sounds like hey chi}
*beginning separation anxiety {which hopefully doesn't last long}
*still taking two naps a day. still sleeping 11-12 hours a night.
*loves to eat. shocking, eh? {wink} here is a typical menu:
breakfast: blueberry waffle w/ fruit and egg or cheese
lunch: grilled cheese or bean tortilla or leftovers w/ yogurt / fruit
dinner: whatever we are having
snacks: goldfish, veggie sticks, fruit, animal crackers and she loves vanilla wafers {gets that honest}
*she loves to climb. she is an excellent climber. has good balance too. so i try not to discourage the climbing, i just teach her how to get herself down.
*she's beginning to sit still while reading.

and lastly, each morning harold and i pray before we start our day. we end each prayer by saying the Lord's prayer together. usually georgia is trying to open our eyes while they are closed or she is saying 'hey' to get our attention, but lately after we say 'amen' and open our eyes she smiles and says ' a ben'.

a ben is right sweet girl. a ben.


DeDeandMatt said...

love it girl.. love her!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather! Georgia is so cute, I bet she is a hand ful though:)
Austin and Ashley both were always in the 95 percentile in both height and weight from the one month check up. I was always told not to worry about the weight part of it because of them being in the 95% for height evens it all out. One thing for sure....she will be tall and beautiful. Have fun with her, they grow up so fast. Austin will be at Drake in August...can you believe that???


Jeff, Les and Max said...

Hey, Heather!
Found your blog - I added your link to our Friends list. Georgia is totally ADORABLE!! Love the sunglasses!