Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a picture a day...30 days to go

well this was last night. and i know you're thinking 'what's up with all the naked booty pictures?' but seriously, good thing i decided to walk in there and check on her before i went to bed. this was about and two hours after harold put her to bed. i couldn't believe that she hadn't wet the bed yet. why is she so obsessed with taking her clothes and diaper off ? silly girl.

i guess she's taken the whole 'pants on the ground' thing way too far OR i need to be getting serious about pottytraining :)


Cindy said...

Well, she looks comfy to me! Too Cute...It must be difficult to let her keep sleeping and not pat on that bottom!

Anonymous said...

I love them bottoms! they are so cute in these stages! Seems our SC girls are doing the exact same thing.. it is too funny how they follow..

DeAnn said...

Sweet - R did that all the time (I kinda think she still does)!