Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a picture a day...31 days to go

this picture was taken may 11, 2009. and well it's may 11 again. that means in exactly one month my girl will have a birthday. i've created the invites, gotten decorations ready, worked out the perfect buttercream icing recipe, but still i can't quite get my head around her being another year older. every one of you mother's know the feeling. sigh. and i tell you one thing...going through the pictures from this time last year did me in. i thought my heart very well may burst. i had forgotten that time. i had forgotten that toothless smile. i laughed and cried. and then had the great idea {well to me anyway} to post a picture a day until june 11th comes round this year. some will be from now. some from then. but all because i want to remember. gosh, how i want to remember.

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