Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a glimpse of growth

the warm temperatures have handed us hours {yes hours} outside these last days.  normally i notice all the things that are overgrown and ready for spring to come and have it's way with them.  but today i couldn't help but notice how much we've grown.  along with warmer air time has brought a willingness to abandon shoes to embrace the rough grass.  a braveness to slide headfirst, backwards and standing right up.  a funny realization that bodies grow and can't fit into little pink water buckets anymore.  and mostly for her and myself that with every season change there are good good things awaiting...

Feb16 034 
Feb16 046 
Feb16 081 
Feb16 094 
Feb16 097 
Feb16 127 
Feb16 178 

1 comment:

melissa said...

heather, these are amazing pictures....amazing!! I love the one where you got under her on the swing and snapped her feet with the sky as a background!! My talented photographer friend...:-)