Sunday, February 20, 2011

snow white ballet

* i've tried to rearrange these pictures with captions and it keeps messing up so they are in the wrong order and without caption but i've overspent my time and i got a curly headed girl calling my name.  enjoy anyway*

this past saturday georgia and i met friends for the snow white luncheon and ballet.  we bought tickets to have lunch and pictures made with the 'real' snow white and then we all headed over to the theater for the ballet.  i knew she'd be fine through lunch but i was a little concerned that she wouldn't make it through a hour ballet.  to my surprise she said through the whole things with little talking and lots of clapping.  i'm not sure if she had more fun getting a ballerina necklace from snow white herself or running in the grass on the samford campus after the ballet.  either way it was such a fun and funny too...the girls ended their time at the restaurant with a wrestling match.  one of the slept through most of the ballet.  they were dirty and sticky and happy.  so typical.  so beautiful. here are some pictures from the day...

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Cindy Brooks said...

Love, Love, Love the dirty knees...Too sweet! Thank you for sharing your day with me!

melissa said...

oh these are so sweet!! That was such a fun day.

Debra heath said...

My goodness she is geting so big such a big little girl! so sweet I love it